Multidisciplinary Knowledge

Atostek provides software and information system development services. The service will always be customised according to customer’s needs.

Software Development

We are a technology independent provider of software development services, and we are a trustworthy partner with multidisciplinary knowledge. Our software deliverable could be an information system on a desktop computer, a highly optimised mobile application on a cloud service, or an algorithm as an integral part of a huge machinery.

Medical and Health Care Software

We are a leading expert in health care and medical information systems and software. Thus we are familiar with the products, standards, and technology, and we are capable of integrating solutions to patient information systems and other hospital information sytems.

IT Developer and Consulting Services

Atostek’s IT Developer Service ensures agile and cost efficient implementation of information system development projects.  We are familiar with public information systems, public procurement and Enterprise Architecture methodology.

Product Development

The autonomous navigation of moving industrial machines and fleet are examples of our  customers’ product development projects requiring multidisciplinary knowledge. The software implementation keeps going when the going gets tough with complicated physics and algorithms involved.

Machine Vision

The modern Machine Vision technology enables spectacular applications. Atostek has successfully designed and implemented numerous Machine Vision solutions, e.g., automated quality control, damage recognition, and camera-guided navigation.

Service Design and UX Design

We serve from the initial vision to the final implementation, guided by the user needs and your business objectives.


PET imaging is on the cutting edge of modern medical diagnostics. Designed specifically for PET centres, Atostek’s PET ERP is the only ERP that also includes a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that meets the requirements of GMP guidelines.

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